(tonsillolith /ton·sil·lo·lith/ (ton-sil´o-lith) a calculus in a tonsil)

Tonsil Stones Photos

Visitors to this website are here because they are finding little white/yellow lumps in their mouth or coughing up these little stones and don’t know what they are.  They are called tonsil stones – hardened mucus, food particles and bacteria.  All different shapes and white/yellow in colour.   It’s not always easy to know if you have them as they don’t show any symptoms except foul breath.

If you have a sore throat and other aches or pains associated with your tonsils, please visit your doctor for further advice.

If you don’t know what tonsil stones look like then the photos below will show you.   We are not recommending any of the methods below to remove tonsil stones but simply showing how frustrated people are with having them and that they desperate to remove them.

In our experience, dentists and doctors don’t take this awful condition seriously and some of the time they don’t even acknowledge their existence. They simply pass us back and forth with no real solution.  Those of us who have tonsil stones struggle with this annoying condition on a daily basis.


Tonsil stone being revealed and pushed out by a cotton bud

tonsil stone being removed

Tonsil stone being removed from tonsil

Close up of a tonsil stone

Close up photo of a tonsil stone

get rid of tonsil stones

White tonsil stones appearing from the gaps in the tonsils